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Welcome to The Ninja Report. This community is for discussion of all things related to How I Met Your Mother.

This community is open to anybody who wants to discuss How I Met Your Mother. In order to post in the community please JOIN here. Posting access is available to members only. If you don't care about posting access you can WATCH the community.

We want to make sure that this community is constantly active, however, please keep all posts on topic. An 'on topic' post can have anything to do with How I Met Your Mother. This includes episode discussion, cast discussion, fanfiction, icons, etc.

Every week when a new episode airs there will be an episode discussion post. Please keep all comments spoiler free (for future episodes). There will be a separate discussion for post for 'what might happen next' which will include spoilery comments.

Contests & Fun Stuff

In order to help maintain an active community, we will be having lots of contests throughout the week! Some ideas of what you will find include;

Caption Contests
An image will be posted by one of your slap bet commissioners. Comments are screened and members will submit captions to the image. The captions will be posted in a poll and members will pick they're favorite captions to determine the winners.

Icon Contests and Graphics Contests
Members will be given an image or images to make icons out of. Comments will be screened. And members will vote on their favorites.

Fanfiction Drabbles
A fanfiction drabble post will be put up and members will come up with fanfiction challenges (I.E. Lily and Marshall go trick or treating). Other members can choose to take that challenge and write a short fanfic on that topic.

Community Rules

1. Please post any and all spoilers under a cut and indicate that your post contains spoilers. Some people don't want to be spoiled, and you don't want to be the one who ruins a show for them.
2. Please leave discussion of what happens in a new episode under a cut for at least 4 days! Some people in other Countries don't have access to episodes right away, some people miss episodes, etc. Please be courteous and give them time to watch an episode.
3. Please don't leave comments with spoilers, unless they are under a post that has been made to contain spoilers. (I.E. don't put spoilers for a future episode under a current episode discussion)

1. Icons are allowed and encouraged.
2. Please put any more than 3 icons under a LJ cut (or a direct link to your own journal).

1. Please put all fanfiction under a cut
2. Please indicate the rating, and indicate whether there is adult content
3. Indicate whether your story includes spoilers for future or aired episodes (I.E. spoilers for 4x11)

Please tag your entries, it's convenient for slap bet commissioners and for members.

Only HIMYM related community pimping is allowed at ninjareport!

Fanmixes, graphics and layouts, picspams, and anything HIMYM is allowed!

The number one rule is to be nice. If you don't like what somebody posts, or you don't like a certain pairing, just ignore it! Any rude comments or any attacking will be deleted immediately.


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